Is French Riviera worth visiting?

France is surrounded by a lot of beauty and happiness filled within the air they breathe. French Riviera is at the southeastern Mediterranean coast of France that covers a wide range of beautiful coastal resorts including Nice, Antibes, Cannes you name them. It started as a health retreat where people could withdraw from their daily lives stress and focus on their health more with activities like yoga, but as years went by, it came to be a place for a vacation destination.
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5 places to check on the French Riviera.


1. Nice.

Did you know that Nice is among the top five largest cities in France? it is highly spoken as being the origin of tourism in the French Riviera and with no doubt, we cannot refuse to see the beauty Nice contains. Over the years, the city continues to invite more tourists not only because of the fine sandy beaches and best sunset views but also a market full of beautiful flowers, you just can’t find a reason not to enjoy the amazing city. Anyhow you want it, a fine bask on the beach, hotel luxury, or a gallery check out, they are loads of fun things to do in Nice.


Although not really on the Riviera because it is an independent state, it also deserves to be spoken about. Filled with fancy casinos, a fabulous museum not to mention an opera house. It is funny and both a blessing to the visitors and locals of the area that you only take an hour to travel around the country. Monaco is well known for fast racing held every may of each year.

3. Saint-Tropez

This town is surely a tourist magnet. Started as a minor fishing area, it has grown to attract big crowds coming from all over, maybe the beach or a wonderful scene of world-class art not forgetting the best strings of fine restaurants. You surely cannot miss passing this place.

4. Cannes

It is a place visited mostly by trendsetters since the early 19’s and until today it is still demanding more activities. Many times you see people coming out from their luxurious hotel into the expensive boutiques taking selfies along the Boulevard de la cresset which is famously known for hosting the Cannes film festivals.

5. Grasse

Just a drive away from the busy coast, Grasse was formerly known for its unpleasant smell until one lad decided to create and sell scented ornaments. Today this beautiful town is proudly owning a minimum of 30 factories producing well-scented perfumes. Take a visit through the good smelling workshops.

Final thoughts.

The French Riviera, nicknamed as the playground for the rich, is worth visiting if you want to enjoy a nice luxurious vacation from the beautiful cities and amazing weather to nice beaches and the best perfect water pictures you can take, the place is full of beautiful sites trust me you will not stop fantasizing about the place once you decide to end your vacation.
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